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Top 5 TV Shows for Salespeople

Updated: May 27, 2020

Sales lessons can be learned from the most unexpected sources. Movies and TV shows often have to show a character convincing another, closing them, getting things done their way. Sales are a part of our everyday life. Just by being curious, keeping our eyes and ears open, and seeing things from different perspectives, we can pick up a lot of great ideas when we least expect them. The following is a list of the TOP 5 TV Shows for Salespeople:

1.- Billions

The plot is pretty simple: rich people trying to outdo each other in egoistic battles. In the high-octane, high-finance series ‘Billions’, Damian Lewis stars as a multi-faceted billionaire, whose private and professional  life is as incongruous with the real sales world as they could possibly be. While the show has a lot going for it, its main draw is the rivalry between Chuck Rhoades and Axe, two superrich people from different fields, as they try to outdo each other.

His character Bobby Axelrod (known as ‘Axe’), is a true Closer: getting what he wants, knows when to close, and when to shut up! He uses many phrases that can be applied in the world of sales like:

- “Try to get the customer to say “yes”. The way I see it is…never give them a reason to say “no” – because if you take “no” out of the vocabulary, “yes” is the only word left!”

- “You can’t negotiate without any power”.

- “Know your enemy”.

See the show here:

2. Suits

This show is about Harvey Specter, a lawyer with an unconventional legal partner. Both are straight-up problem solvers and everything that gets thrown at them they solve.

Typically using unconventional methods that benefit their clients. Harvey describes himself as a Closer or a Fixer (which he has a lot to do in the show).

Salespeople love Suits not only for the sharp business attire, but because, at the end of the day, lawyers are also like Sales Closers: they must convince or "Close" people on agreeing with them, may it be defendants, juries and judges. The show features some good word tracks and closes that you can learn from.

See the show here:

3.- White Gold

This is an original comedy produced by the BBC, set in Britain in the 1980s that tells the story of a “double glazing showroom” in Essex in 1983.

Led by salesman Vincent (Ed Westwick), he's charismatic, smart, handsome and confident, and will happily break the rules if it closes the deal.

According to the BBC, “it's a story of dodgy shenanigans, scams, and petty rivalries – alongside free-flowing drugs, cash and sex.”

But it's also a look at the evolution of sales. In 1983, the means of generating leads came down to charm, wit, perseverance, and a little “stretching” to close the deal. It also shows the power of ambition and competition in creating a top salesperson.

See the show here:

4. Ballers

This one is worth watching, just because it stars “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson. He plays Spenser Stratsmore a retired NFL player with a black mark against his financial planning license, and a pill habit.

He spends his time trying to convince football players not to blow all of their money, which turns out to be pretty difficult. The show is based around two salesmen and there are plenty of lessons learned in every episode.

But no matter what happens, they always close the deal, working around even the most outrageous objections. This is a great show to watch on Sunday night to get you pumped for the office on Monday!

See the show here:

5. Million Dollar Listings NYC

This reality show features NYC's number one broker, Frederik Eklund. Frederik sells over one billion dollars of real estate a year in different countries across the world.

Salespeople can really learn a lot from watching him on this show. He's uniquely himself, and his quirky-ness gets him plenty of business, in spite of his uniqueness... But the fact is, he's an expert, no one knows the industry or New York like him.

He's a perfect example, of a thought leader, and the importance of knowing your market.

See the show here:

Salespeople can learn a lot from TV shows and movies: how to dress, the importance of the proper mindset and attitude, how they research their opponent, and even what not to do!

And remember that although TV and movies are often a stereotypical reflection of how the sales profession is perceived by society, the characters on the shows are also convincing you about the plot in their show. They are Closers! Watch closely, you just might learn a few things that can take your performance to the next level!

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