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Top 5 Timeshare Sales Tips

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We created a list of the best tips to help you SMASH the Timeshare Sales Room. Although these tips are aimed at Timeshare Sales, the content may apply to any kind of industry, as the psychological principles behind them are universal in sales. Here are the Top 5 tips for your Timeshare success!

1. Creating "Tie Downs" and "Commitments" will allow the Client to Close Himself

Timeshare sales have the reputation of being pressure sales. They definitively can be, especially if you’re the type of salesperson that just pitches nonstop without allowing your client a chance to sell himself. If instead of giving your customers “reasons to buy”, allow them to rationalize what you are showing them and create for themselves the argument

This is accomplished by incorporating during your presentation 2 types of small agreements that will be the seeds planted in the clients head long before you ask for the close:

a) Tie Downs: these agreements must have an emotional attachment independent from the product. They come from within the customer's dreams. In other words, we're trying to get the clients to agree to something that we discovered was important to them: a family trip to spend time together, their romantic dream-honeymoon in Paris, the quality accommodations they wish they could afford. For this, we are going to ask simple questions that the customer agrees on without hesitation: “if you could have taken your wife to Paris for the same price you paid today(or less), you would´ve done it right?” , “if you could have had a better room for less money, you would´ve taken it, right?” “… isn't it?” “… wouldn’t you?”, etc.

b) Commitments: just like tie downs, these agreements will get you closer to the close by allowing the customer to say yes, only this time, including the Product. “If I can show you a way of going to Paris with a lower budget and more quality, this would be a great reason to join right?”, If our membership allowed to travel twice as much or to nicer accommodations, you´d take it right?”

2. Use Trial Closes to take the temperature:

How do you know when your prospect is mentally ready to buy? You take his temperature. You check to see if there are any lingering objections or issues not resolved.

One way to “dip your toe” is to use the 1 – 10 scale. You ask where he currently falls on the spectrum. Depending on his answer, you move forward or circle back to address those concerns.

“So Mr. and Mrs. Smith, how do you feel about investing with us today on a scale of one to ten? (Ten being ‘I’m ready to make a decision.”)

Whatever the score, you will ask: “why is this?” and “what would it take for it to become a ten?”

3. Create a Sense of Urgency: if they don’t move forward now, they’ll miss out

Scarcity is a powerful motivator. Tell your prospect time is running out or only a few orders are left in stock—what happens? She feels like she might miss out on a deal.

Even with timeshare sales, closing techniques that create a sense of urgency make a difference. Urgency plays into the psychology of your buyer. Remember that urgency is different from pressure. Pressure comes from external influence (the salesman) as Urgency comes from within (the client).

If they feel that YOU have to sell them, today, they will either not buy or regret their decision and come back with buyer’s remorse. If they buy because you helped THEM develop a sense of Urgency from within, they will feel they got a great deal, jumped on an amazing opportunity, and will be less likely to come back and cancel. Plant the idea that—right now—there are special prices on these timeshares that will never be available again. You want the prospect to feel rewarded for purchasing and confident in securing a rare deal.

Here is a complete guide to Create a Sense of Urgency in 3 Steps

4. Sell the Gain but don’t forget to sell the Pain

It’s easy and exciting to share with the clients all the upsides of buying a membership: all the features and benefits of your program, how much they will save, the amazing first visit incentives, and all the beautiful locations they can choose from.

Make sure your sales presentation doesn´t only focus on selling the GAIN. You have to make sure that people also understand the PAIN of not doing business with you. People will respond more effectively and change things they don’t like (or create pain) vs things that they will enjoy (gain). Think about yourself: you´re more likely to get up from your seat to find the remote control to change a show you don’t like than to get up to prepare popcorn to enjoy a show you do like!

5. There is a Price to pay by saying “NO” to your program!

This section ties with the previous one on Selling the Pain. Most of the time, when customers are considering your offer, they will evaluate the cost of everything involved by saying yes (down payment, monthly installments, interest rate, maintenance or yearly fees, usage fees, etc). The customers must also realize what consequences they´ll face if they decline the offer! How much more will it cost them if they keep traveling the same way without joining?

You will have to demonstrate value by drawing comparisons. You show the long-term savings of using a timeshare versus how much they will spend on vacations without one. Their own cost will be significantly higher than your offer to purchase!

By investing in a timeshare, you pay for tomorrow’s spring getaway at yesterday’s prices. Show them a graph demonstrating the long-term value. Then show them a graph showing the average amount they’ll spend without one. You can also add in how they can get rid of the headache of planning, finding affordable hotels at the right time, and checking availabilities.

These Tips will help you and your customers enter the Sales Agreement with a win-win attitude and it will become a positive experience for both!

Here is a Link to one of the best books on Timeshare Tips:

The Timeshare Coach

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