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Sales Tips: Emotion over Logic

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Sell the Emotion, not the Logic!

Rolex, Ferrari, and Louis Vuitton don't just sell what their products do. For anyone who has never heard of these high-end brands, they would “just be a watch, a car, and a bag". These brands don't focus on selling the features or the benefits: they sell the mindset, feelings of success, or lifestyle their customers reflect.

Technically, a Rolex watch is only a watch! It´s used to tell time! Its true value relies on the fact that people who wear Rolex are perceived as successful, elegant, and wealthy (all emotional factors)! That's what they sell! Once this is established (and backed up by the quality, precision, materials, guarantee, etc. - Logical factors), the sale is almost done!

Take a day off and go to a Ferrari or Porsche dealership. How does the salesman present the price tag after they have shown the features, benefits and took you for a test drive, do they look embarrassed or afraid to tell you how much will the payments be?

Do they immediately take you to the used car section assuming you won´t buy a car that expensive? Or do they show pride in their brand when they tell you it's "only $250,000 USD? They pitch the price with confidence because their presentation was worth 10 times as much! Their salespeople KNOW their cars are worth it!!

Many times, we believe that the opening price is just to scare people off. For many, its just a "Puke Price" with the only intention of shocking the customer and to flush out objections, preparing for the drop. In other words, when they present the "big numbers" they already know that they won't sell until they drop the price, sacrifice their commission, or beg for a sale!

How many big deals will you miss if you don't justify that "big number"? It takes exactly the same effort to create value during your presentation so that the customer agrees that it’s a great deal (even if they can´t afford it)!

Work your deals hard enough so that when you show the opening price to your clients, the price tag is justified not only with your logic, but you´ve built enough value and emotion that they´re already SOLD!

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