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Review of Cardone University by Grant Cardone

Updated: May 9, 2020

Grant Cardone is one of the top Sales Trainer in the world. He’s a New York Times bestselling author and a mentor to thousands of people all across the world through Grant Cardone University, his Youtube channel, his books, his events, and other content he’s developed.

After hitting his rock bottom, nearly dying, and deciding to turn away from drugs, he never went back. Now, his business is projecting over $1 billion in sales this year.

Grant Cardone has put together the Cardone University, which promises to teach you not only the full sales process, but also give advice on improving your mindset and philosophy to become a first-class salesperson, confident to sell any product. Here´s our review with the Pros and Cons before you decide to enroll.



There are plenty of comments on other review sites, Facebook, message boards, etc. They are often agenda-driven, with many people trying to make affiliate sales or pushing a rival product. Keep in mind that this it is not only a course on selling. It is much more than that. It is a course on leadership, success, entrepreneurship, creativity, and more.

The University includes hundreds of videos on different topics, for example:

  • Sales fundamentals

  • Understanding Buyer Psychology

  • The Perfect Sales System

  • Perfecting customer retention and conversion

  • 101 Ways to Stay Motivated

  • 64 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Mastering the Close

  • Advanced Sales and Negotiation

  • Mastering the Cold Call

  • Professional Prospecting

  • Internet Lead Response Strategies


Grant Cardone University starts with a 14-day free trial, then it’s $97/mo. There are other products sold at Cardone University that range in price from $97-2500. Some courses can be upwards of 10,000 USD. However, if you have a look at what's included in the price you may change your mind. For the $10,000 you pay, you get access to over 1700 different courses and a lot of discounts on well-known courses by other entrepreneurs and experts like Daymond on Demand by Daymond John. If you don’t want to pay so much money and already know what curse you are looking for, you can also just pay for individual courses.


· This course is not just theory: Grant literally shows you himself making real sales calls. You won’t find this depth and transparency in other courses.

· Grant is extremely thorough in his explanations, he dives deep into sales and explains HOW and WHY things work.

· They provide high-quality training

· They teach professional skills that can help people of all professions.

· They provide support

· They’re interactive. You get live stream sessions where Grant Cardone and other professionals answer your questions


· Grant’s sales methods are extremely effective, but they are also aggressive. If you’re not comfortable being an aggressive salesperson, this course probably isn’t for you.

· This stuff is not light. There’s a lot of material that’s given to you at once, and you need to dedicate the time to process it all. Expect to watch some videos multiple times and definitely take notes.

· The progress bars within the courses can be a little confusing when starting out. Each lesson may be 4-5 minutes, but the progress bar will say you’re 13% or so complete with the course. As a result, it might be confusing to determine how much content is required to complete the course, or the total time requirement if you want to complete courses faster than 2 lessons per day.

· Some people disagree with Grant Cardone’s philosophies on things like debt, methodology, and other things


We recommend this training. Grant Cardone has credibility within the industry and the ability to teach his methods in a clear and concise way. While it is true that the fees involved are a lot of money to find, the standard of the material provided and the wide range of topics covered does justify the cost. If you are on the fence, there are hundreds of YouTube videos that will give you an idea of his character, tactics, and attitude. If you enjoy his style, check out the following audiobooks from him to get you started.

Grant Cardone Audiobooks

Grant Cardone Books & eBooks

A final word of advice: It doesn´t matter how much you learn, if you do not take action, you never profit. You MUST apply the lessons.

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