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Morning Motivation: Being the Best!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Think of your favorite Superstar in any field. Someone who you immediately think of as “The Best”.

It doesn’t matter if your thinking of the best athlete, businessperson, actor, and singer. What makes them the best? Is it just genetics, some sort of gift, pure luck?

What makes the best, "the Best"?

Being “the Best” means finding the top, looking for the most successful person in their area, kicking their ass (figuratively), and raising the bar for everyone.  They achieve greatness because they don´t see ceilings, obstacles, or limitations as roadblocks. The best do not allow themselves to feel safe and comfortable, rather, they use every day as an opportunity to become at least 1% better than they were yesterday. 

They can't say they're the best just because they won a game, played in a good movie, or sold a Big deal. They don´t rely on past performances. They have to prove they are the BEST every day! They have to break their own record. They have to continue training and giving it 100% if they want to continue to be on the top. They can only be the BEST if they continuously and actively work to be the BEST every day!

In Sales, nobody can claim They're the best if they haven't sold in a while. There is a famous saying in sales: "you're as good as your last sale". You will hear someone talk about how great they are because they had a Massive deal several years ago. Maybe, if it wasn't just luck, that day, he was the best. But not anymore. The BEST, are the ones doing magic every single day. They don't just WISH for things to happen, they MAKE them happen!

Every time you see who's on top, leading in your area, ask yourself: "what are they doing differently?" How come the best are selling every day? How come the best are they getting bigger deals? Do they cross their fingers and hope for a deal? Do they wish their Clients come in with a good attitude? Are they just lucky?

The answer is that they MAKE their own “Luck”! How?

These are a few tips that the BEST put into action:

- They have a good night's sleep

- They wake up early and spend a few mins focusing on your goals

- They watch positive news that helps you understand the world.

- Listen to training videos, motivational speeches, or upbeat music on the way to work.

- They et to work early

- Stay away from negative people.

- Take a couple of minutes before you meet your Client to get in the right mindset.

- Don't prejudge

- Dress sharp

- Are focused

- Self-motivated

- Give it always 100% energy

- Are Confident

- Follow their sales process flawlessly

- They Have FUN!

Anyone can have these attributes! It's just a matter of determination!

Follow them and Become the BEST!

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