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Best 5 Movie Clips for Salespeople

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Sales is an emotional job. Because of this, every salesperson must be highly motivated. You can´t trust that every day you´ll be inspired by your sales meeting, your managers, or your co-workers. Maybe it's you who has to deliver the motivational sales speech to the troops to get them fired up!

We created this list of the best sales movie clips to get you and your team ready for battle, enjoy!

1.- “Always be Closing” - Glengarry Glen Ross

Perhaps the most classic sales speech of all time, this could get you excited about selling anything. Alec Baldwin’s speech in “Glengarry Glen Ross” is about as direct and blunt as it gets. Break this one out whenever your team needs a hardnosed pep talk.

The lines “always be closing” and “Put that coffee down. Coffee is for closers only.” is now part of the sales vocabulary everywhere. Despite being fiction, Glengarry Glen Ross is probably the most realistic sales movie ever.

Watch the full movie here:

2.- "Aerotyne" - The wolf of wall Street

This Martin Scorsese biopic about the infamous Jordan Belfort took the world by storm. It’s the story of how Belfort built an empire by pushing worthless penny stock to the public.

Although the movie is filled with unethical tactics, there are a few things a salesperson can learn from this film. Like the core concept of selling – sell the dream, sell the need, the product is irrelevant.

Or the use of vocal tonality to effectively engage prospects. Belfort illustrates the power of using a sales playbook and sales scripts which he teaches even today as a sales coach.

Watch the full movie here:

3.- “You´re selling them or they´re selling you” - Boiler Room

Boiler Room is loosely based on the now-defunct Stratton Oakmont, which was founded by Jordan Belfort. The movie depicts the story of Seth Davis, a 19-year old college dropout who lands a job at a stock brokerage firm. Here he learns how to strong-arm clients into buying the worthless stock they are offering and make easy money.

Filled with some negative sales stereotypes, like maintaining a hyper-aggressive environment to keep their stockbrokers motivated, the movie also has some confident sales pitches and powerful lines that salespeople can learn from.

Watch the full movie here:

4.- “Lipstick” - Mad Men

Although this post is about movies, some of the scenes from Mad Men are exactly what a salesperson needs to hear, so they deserve a position on this list. Set in the 1960s, this period drama show revolves around the business of advertising.

Mad Men has changed the way marketing and sales professionals approach their clients. There are several brilliant sales pitches across the seven seasons that any sales rep can pick pointers from.

Despite being set in the 60s, the characters and writing from this show were ahead of its time. Mad Men should be made mandatory viewing for anybody serious about getting into the marketing and sales industry.

Watch the full show here:

5.- “We don’t take NO for an answer” - Tommy Boy

A hilarious movie with David Spade and Chris Farley, Tommy Boy is probably the best example of an ethical sales situation. Even from comedy, Salespeople can learn a lot like for example selling by telling a story.

There is also a great clip where David Spade gets shot down because he is focusing on the features and not the benefits for the customer.

Watch the full movie here:

These five clips from movies should get you and your team to a good start since the core of each message is relatable to most sales situations. Use these clips to inspire your sales team both in terms of their approach to sales but also in their drive for success.

Do you have another clip that should be on this list? Add in the comments below!

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