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5 Best Motivational Videos for Salespeople

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

You´ve had a tough day, week, or month? Being successful in sales involves being able to manage your own emotions. If we bring our personal problems to the sales floor, we lose focus, forget our sales process and most likely, will end up losing the sale. Having a good leader that delivers a great motivational morning meeting, a word of advice from a friend, or an impactful video will do the trick most of the time.

Here´s a list of 5 motivational videos that show what it takes to get to the top. They will lift you up and get you pumped to smash the sales floor.

Be Passionate:

Passionate salespeople turn customers into advocates who will recommend them, their product, and their company. People want to buy from salespeople who exude excitement, belief, involvement, and commitment to their product.

Passion can transform an otherwise "boring" sales presentation or product, into an exciting experience. The customer will remember the salesperson who poured their heart out more than the product itself just because they bought their passion.

Be Powerful:

Being powerful is inner work—it’s all about connecting with your strengths and capabilities, and trusting them to see you through a situation. Master Closers use their own power to overcome negativity, to build resilience, and to get in the proper mindset every day, confident that the outcome will be to their favor.

Power equals confidence in the eyes of the prospects. Pitching your product from a position of power will allow you to do great take-aways and help them understand that you are putting their best interest first.

Be Successful:

All truly successful, highly paid salespeople, love their sales careers. You must learn to love your work and then commit yourself to become excellent in your field.

If you want to become one of the best salespeople in your company, go to the top earners and ask them for advice. Make a complete commitment to improve your sales career and become one of the most highly-paid salespeople.

Resolve that nothing will stop you or discourage you. If you follow this advice, success will be imminent.

Be Unbreakable:

Resilient salespeople keep moving forward regardless of the difficulties or failures they experience. They bounce back quickly, creating opportunities out of obstacles, becoming unstoppable.

Resilience is the ability to adapt your mental and emotional state to challenges, obstacles, failures, and adversities in order to minimize anxiety and optimize performance.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” — Mike Tyson

Taking a few shots to the chin is a natural consequence of stepping into the ring, just as facing rejection comes with the job if you’re selling stuff. You can’t avoid struggles, but you can control how you react to them.

The best salespeople focus, rather than fold, when adversity strikes. It’s an essential skill for anybody who’s plowing through a list of prospects all day, every day.

Be Unstoppable:

Determination in sales enables us to persist in the face of difficulties. Unstoppable Salespeople, like warriors, are always ready to take on the world. Follow these 3 advices:

1) Let go of the outcome. Your job earning the trust of your client. Ask what you need to ask to help them and make the recommendations you’d make to your mother if she were in this person’s situation and let it go. You can’t actually force anyone to buy anything if they don’t want it.

2) Treat a prospective client like an old friend. Before you go in and try to talk to your prospect, think of them as someone you really care about. Imagine them being your Grandma, your mother, or cousin. Talk to them with the same warmth and care that you would a family member (assuming everything is cool with your family).

3) Stop trying. The more you try, the more obvious it is that you’re forcing it. It’s a very different mindset to be focused and bold rather than desperate and aggressive. You can be very strategic and even audacious. Instead of thinking you have to muscle your way into making a sale, try thinking the more relaxed you are, the better the chance you have that it is going to happen (which is the truth).

Bonus Track: Wear Sunscreen!

This is simply the Best "feel-good" video when it comes to getting a positive mindset for selling. Salespeople need to start their day with a positive state of mind. Whether you use your favorite song, quote, or video, starting positive will help you achieve your goals and enjoy making money!

You´re ready!

Now that you're Powerful, Unbreakable, Successful, Passionate, and Unstoppable:

Go Close the Deal Today!

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